Top 10 Tracks [music]

Some might view this as sacrilege (I’m looking pointedly at a particular friend of  mine who knows exactly who he is), but I often reset the play counts on my ipod.

Mostly I do this because I like to see my listening pattern over shorter periods of time (if only they would record when it was played, then you could graph it over time and filter to see shorter periods…but I’ll spare you my datavis geekiness for the moment).

There also always seems to be (of course) that one really embarrassing song you listened to over and over for weeks when you got your heart broken a couple years ago. Yeah. That kind of stuff can haunt the top of your play count for a long time.

I always get a little sad when I reset, though. (data loss!) This is why I’ve decided to start recording what the top 10 tracks are before I erase, and then I thought this might be a good place to store/share those lists. Completely unedited, even if it might happen to contain a guilty pleasure or two. This count is from late June to present (I usually clear the count more often than that; I’ll take another look in a couple weeks).

So now, without further ado, here are the current top 10 most played tracks on my portable music machine:

  1. I Go Away – MNDR / E.P.E.
  2. My Coco – Stellastarr* / Stellastarr*
  3. Kiss With A Fist – Florence + The Machine / Lungs
  4. Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry / The Best of Chuck Berry
  5. Love and Do What You Will – Ceo / White Magic
  6. I’m Not Calling You A Liar – Florence + The Machine / Lungs
  7. Bulletproof – La Roux / La Roux
  8. No Mercy – Ceo / White Magic
  9. Be Somebody – Kings of Leon / Only By The Night
  10. Come With Me – Ceo / White Magic

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