Things I love:

  • Fiber. (as it pertains to textiles, not digestive regularity…though I don’t really have anything against it in any form)
  • Food. (cooking it, eating it and occasionally growing it)
  • Music. (I know it’s terribly cliche, but I really will–and do–listen to just about anything)
  • Books. (I’m starting library school in fall 2010! See? I wasn’t kidding about the book thing)
  • Parenthetical asides. (as if you hadn’t figured that out by now)

I’ve never been one to commit all my attention to only one interest, so these all take turns being my number one obsession (except for the parenthetical asides, which are a true and constant companion).

Why am I finally starting a blog? I guess to help me keep track of it all. There are bloggers I read that have been writing for years, and I’m incredibly jealous of the record these interesting, talented and generous folks now have of their lives (or at least one specific aspect of them). If anyone else finds my rambling worth reading, I’ll be humbled (and shocked, a little bit).